Welcome to Greener World Store!

Welcome to Greener World Store.com 
Online Solar Supply 

Our story: 

  We began with a plan to help other solar interested parties achieve their goals of relying more on the Suns energy instead of dirty coal. Around the turn of the millennium in 2000 we purchased a remote yet incredibly beautiful piece of land. We had bitten off a big project! This was when my engineering background helped, and through some trial and error a 8000 watt completely off grid power system was built. 
  The solar market was much different in those days - I paid nearly $50k for just the components, and many items had to be custom designed and fabricated. Solar modules were nearly $5 per watt - heavy duty mounting, bus bars, even the storage battery racking was not widely available. The final result was amazing, and frankly still is, no overhead utility lines destroying the view, the silence of solar power running all the modern world trappings in the background. 

  Encouraged by that success I was hooked - now the most beautiful places on the planet could be inhabited comfortably, and affordably. It was 2001 when Greener World Store began its journey with all the wonderful federal, and state licensing prerequisites. 

  The business you see now has grown from idealistic thoughts to the reality of success. Through all the evolution of science and engineering, our core values stay constant.



Why you should shop with Greener World Store

1. Upfront transparent pricing is our standard.

2. No handling or processing charges, these expenses are our responsibility. 

3. Checkout is simple, use any major credit card or PayPal. We use the highest security standard available to process payments. We NEVER sell or SHARE your information. 

4. Your products will arrive at your home or business safely through the U.S. Post Office, U.P.S. or FedEx. All purchases include a tracking number for security.  

Need something custom made? Not a problem, we will gladly send you a quote for the particular specifications you need. We have thousands of happy clients from many countries. 

Business owners/managers: we offer special rates for resale and internal use.

Special rate consideration for US government projects, federal, state, forest service, park service, universities, non-profits, and others. 

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