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ONE (1) Panasonic, 325W PV Module, MC4,
Panasonic, 325W PV Module, MC4, PV Wire, 35mm Black Frame on White backsheet, BOW, 96 cell HIT, 15A Fuse, 600VDC, 301.2W PTC, VBHN325SA16

ONE (1) Panasonic, 325W PV Module, MC4,

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Part Number:ONE (1) Panasonic, 325W PV Module, MC4,

one (1) Panasonic, 325W PV Module, MC4, PV Wire, 35mm Black Frame on White backsheet, BOW, 96 cell HIT, 15A Fuse, 600VDC, 301.2W PTC, VBHN325SA16 

Panasonic solar technology Panasonic photovoltaic modules HIT® feature an innovative hetero-junction cell structure made of mono-crystalline and amorphous silicon layers. Ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers prevent recombinations of electrons, keeping carrier loss to an absolute minimum. As a result, HIT® conversion efficiency ratings are among the highest available today.

Employing 96 cells in the same size footprint, N330 and N325 HIT® produce up to 36% more free electricity compared to conventional 60-cell panels. • More solar power output per square foot • Fewer panels to install, faster installations • Ideal for small roof areas • Greater cost savings for homeowners over a 25-year lifecycle
325W PV Module,  (VBHN325SA16)

Panasonic Eco Solutions 

Manufacturer Part Number:

Product Description:
Panasonic, 325W PV Module, MC4, PV Wire, 35mm Black Frame on White backsheet, BOW, 96 cell HIT, 15A Fuse, 600VDC, 301.2W PTC, VBHN325SA16 

Choose Panasonic- Here's why...

100% Panasonic HIT® Starting over 40 years ago with the research and development of photovoltaic cells in 1975, Panasonic has been a solar pioneer since the beginning of the green revolution. In 1997, the HIT® set the industry standard for high conversion efficiency. Satisfied customers worldwide have come to trust and rely on Panasonic quality ever since. Panasonic manufactured and guaranteed • 25-year power output warranty and 15-year workmanship warranty • Vertically integrated in-house manufacturing of wafer, cell, and module • State-of-the-art production facilities and manufacturing processes • Industry’s most stringent independent testing and quality control standards • IEC and 20+ internal tests Minimal field degradation Actual recorded data proves reliable, stable performance over 11 years.


Rated Power (Pmax)¹ 330W 325W Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm) 58.0V 57.6V Maximum Power Current (lpm) 5.70A 5.65A Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 69.7V 69.6V Short Circuit Current (lsc) 6.07A 6.03A Temperature Coefficient (Pmax) -0. 30%/°C -0. 30%/°C Temperature Coefficient (Voc) -0. 174V/°C -0. 174V/°C Temperature Coefficient (lsc) 1.82mA/°C 1.82mA/°C NOCT 44.0°C 44.0°C CEC PTS Rating 305.9W 301.2W Cell Efficiency 22.09% 21.76% Module Efficiency 19.7% 19.4% Watts per Ft.² 18.3W 18.0W Maximum System Voltage 600V 600V Series Fuse Rating 15A 15A Warranted Tolerance (-/+) +10%/-0%* +10%/-0%* Model VBHN330SA16, VBHN325SA16 Internal Bypass Diodes 4 Bypass Diodes Module Area 18.02 Ft.² (1.67m²) Weight 40.81 Lbs. (18.5kg) Dimensions LxWxH 62.6x41.5x1.4 in. (1590x1053x35 mm) Cable Length +Male/-Female 40.2/40.2 in. (1020/1020 mm) Cable Size / Type No. 12 AWG / PV Cable Connector Type2 Multi-Contact® Type IV (MC4™) Static Wind / Snow Load 50 PSF (2400 Pa) Pallet Dimensions LxWxH 63.7x42.2x5.5 in. (1618x1071x140 mm) Quantity per Pallet / Pallet Weight 40 pcs. /1719 Lbs. (780 kg) Quantity per 40' Container 560 pcs. Quantity per 20' Container 240 pcs. Model VBHN330SA16, VBHN325SA16 Operating Temperature -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C) Hail Safety Impact Velocity 1" hailstone (25mm) at 52 mph (23m/s) Safety & Rating Certifications UL 1703, cUL, CEC UL 1703 Fire Classification Type 2 Limited Warranty 15 Years Workmanship, 25 Years Power Output 

Product Weight 40.810 lbs 
Product Depth 62.590 inches 
Product Height 1.378 inches
Product Width 41.457 inches
Product Wattage 325 Watts


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5 Stars
I spent time to research both panels and the seller. My time was rewarded by a flawless transaction. Always careful with my money, but solar is just an investment in the future. 5 out of 5
Reviewed by:  from Katy . on 12/17/2017
5 Stars
Panasonic is a great module, they now grace my entire cabin roof. 100% easy sale and safe delivery - don't worry buy today.
Reviewed by:  from Payson AZ. on 1/14/2017

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