Shipping Costs

Posted by on 3/6/2016 to News
Had an interesting e-mail from an out of country buyer recently, and made me think of a few words to post. As most of you know we sell many items such as cables and connectors with free shipping. Recently we have started to use a very low markup on Solar Panels most without shipping included. This strategy allows the lowest overall pricing for our customers. Shipping Solar Panels across the country is expensive and we know that. For the record and for those who do read our blogs and other communications you already know we DO NOT charge anything for "handling". Why would we? That expense is the sellers responsibility. Even in my own purchasing I just cant quite pull the trigger on an online purchase that charges "handling". The Summary; we will still ship everything we can with Free Priority Shipping and NEVER a handling charge. We will ship Solar Panel up to quantity 24 at the lowest cost possible, again with no handling charges. Currently we are running a sale on Solar Panel Pallets with FREE US 48 State Shipping, so if you don't quite need 24 maybe your neighbor needs a few also. Take advantage of this sale while we are still running it online. Thanks!

Never a "handling" charge at Greener World Store!

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